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Tiruchirapalli district in Tamilnadu in India comes under three agro climatic zones viz.,Sub zone II ­ North ­ western zone, and Sub zone IV ­ Cauvery Delta zone and, Sub zone V ­ Southern zone. The Irrigated dry crops are -Sunflower, millets clayey soils with rice, banana and sugarcane are major crops such as, Rainfed crop millets. Promoting agricultural development through systematic extension work has been the role that SEVAI has been playing all along since its inception.

It was agriculture that initiated civilisations, universalised permanent settlements, fed the mushrooming cities of the ancient empires and fuelled the literary heritage of human civilisation. Even today, agriculture remains the primary occupation of the majority of the human race. The rural India still lives on agricultural and allied activities.

In Tamil Nadu, even after intensive industrialisation and urban migration, two thirds of the total workforce is still engaged in agricultural and related activities. Human welfare, especially welfare of the common folk, has to be based upon the welfare of the agriculturist and the agricultural labourer.



“Agriculture and forestry together make a very vital and priority sector in SEVAI. Wastelands are found in dry belt villages. The SEVAI trains the youth and villagers to develop these lands and make them viable for cultivation. We also raise nurseries in our villages and grow different varieties of plants, shade, timber and fencing plants. SEVAI trains the villagers and youth in raising plants during the rainy season, and distribute the saplings in villages as per their requirement. After distribution and plantation, we also impart training to them for taking care of the plants in activities like fencing, mulching, watering trimming etc. 3 watersheds, two command areas, Desalination of tsunami water in 1000 acres and 500 acres organic farming are some of the significant.




Vermicompost Technology promoted by SEVAI.


Main Nutrients of our Organic Fertilizer:

Training provided in SEVAI for SHGs /farmers.



Integrated Farming as planned by SEVAI:

Activities of SEVAI are:
Organizing need based vocational training programmes in agriculture and allied fields for farmers, farmer women, rural youth and school dropouts and to conduct on farm testing in crop production, horticulture, live stock, etc.


Land Reclamation works undertaken by SEVAI in Tsunami affected Karaikal
In the aftermath of tsunami, SEVAI, decided to assist people to reclaim the lands through the use of organic methods. The activities of the organization were successful in the reclamation of more than 1000 acres of land through the application organic based approaches in 12 villages, desalination of 24 ponds, desilting of 9 km of drainage canals influencing the reclamation process of agricultural lands in Karaikal Region.

SEVAI Promotes Cow dung- farm yard manure for organic farming:

SEVAI also promotes organic manure which covers manures made from cattle dung, excreta of other animals, rural & urban composts, other animal wastes, crop residues & last but not the least green manures.

SEVAI Higher Secondary School children are exposed with Gardening & Agriculture projects such as:

SEVAI SHGs are trained in compost making in (i) Aerobic in the following process:

Compost making in (ii) Anaerobic process:

Green manuring programme:
India has changed from a region of food scarcity to food sufficiency by increased fertilizer use with subsidized prices, but use of organic manures including green manure, declined substantially. Inorganic fertilizers are becoming more expensive, therefore sustainability of soil productivity has become a question. Hence, alternate sources to supplement inorganic fertilizers are thought. Green manuring are low cost and effective technology in minimising cost of fertilizers and safeguarding productivity. Under this programme, SEVAI emphasizes on use of green manure crops to reduce the use of chemical fertilizer. The major programme components covered under the promotion of green manure crops:


Green Organic farming has the advantages of:


Agriculture Training given and also proposed for the farmers and SHG members in collaboration with Tamilnadu Agriculture University Extension centres.

Major farming systems/enterprises

On Farm Trails

Major Thrust Area of concern undertaken;

Future Thrust area










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