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Development is not providing,But providing the poor.
About Society for Education, Village Action and Improvement(SEVAI)
Society for Education, Village Action and Improvement (SEVAI) was founded in 1975, by Shri.K.Govindaraju in Trichirapalli District in Tamilnadu. SEVAI works towards attaining the rural renewal and the value and dignity of the human individual, the possibility for the individual to develop within and through a community with a focus on peace, social justice and quality of life, SEVAI works with the poorest of the poor and helped these people to improve them socially, economically and culturally. ‘Development is not providing but the poor and vulnerable’ this is the road of travel of SEVAI, and it is primarily an organization in running education facilities. It aims to help build a society where the religious, caste, creed and linguistic differences do not deter anyone from equitable development and everyone has equal opportunities to come up in life.

Mission Statement
To facilitate the process of sustainable development in villages/Slums by deploying skills and resources in key areas such as economic development, healthcare, education, creation and maintenance of infrastructure and conservation of environment, with the active involvement of local communities and the government and Enhancing equitable and self- sustainable opportunities in the areas of education, health, livelihood, gender, challenged and environment through community based organizations to the marginalized sections including disaster affected.

Vision Statement
To be the catalysts for the creation of self-reliant l communities, by bringing the skills and resources of the private and development sectors together with local governments with community participation for the upliftment of the marginalized sections of society through supportive services as to fulfill this vision.

Society for Education, Village Action and Improvement (SEVAI) aims for Development through Education to all. It must be remembered that with a humble beginning, SEVAI team has been active and attuned to the deeper aspirations of the common people for justice for true service to society. Society for Education, Village Action and Improvement (SEVAI)  believes that the village as a human settlement, a socio-economic entity, with an identity and history of its own, which has grown as a result of interaction with a particular eco system, should not only survive in modern society, but also should grow in strength and to improve equitably the social, economic and environmental conditions of families in need, with special emphasis on the rural poor, by identifying, developing affordable, appropriate and environmentally sustainable solutions.

Educating the public that its economy should be vibrant enough to provide employment to most of its inhabitants and it should be enabled to bargain with the larger world, one day the world is bound to discover that the village offers a pattern of life, more sane, sustainable and humane than what modern cities have to offer today.